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What We Do

We use hyper-focused niche targeting backed by real results we’ve achieved for our clients in the past to give you an edge on your market and help you generate sale after sale. With search marketing at the crux of our system we target the right keywords so you spend less on clicks & get the right kind of conversions.

I’ve spent just over $15,000 in ad spend with Boostagent and have seen a  return of $94,590 in commissions. I haven’t seen these results anywhere else.

Janie Howard — Founder at Woodleaf Realty

Our Process Breakdown

Everything is in how we do things. And every “thing” we do is backed by data we’ve obtained doing these things over and over and over again. Think of  it like proof of concept — our way of doing things has helped our clients generate real, tangible results, so naturally it will work for you when we replicate it. The real work takes place behind the scenes but on the surface our system is broken down below.

Google Ads

Search marketing is at the crux of our system. We focus on niche markets and target the right keywords so you not only spend less on clicks but target motivated buyers & get the right kind of conversions.

Landing Pages

All of our campaigns are supplemented with landing pages tailored specifically to convert. You benefit from a pool of data that we use to create competitive landing pages. And we don’t stop there.


And we blast your cold leads with remarketing ads that look to re-engage them just when they’re ready to pull the trigger. We turn you and your business omnipresent internet-wide.


advertising spend


leads generated


real estate comissions

“In the first few months working with Boostagent I generated and qualified more leads and closed $17,000 in commissions. This has been a game changer for my business.”

Eddie Rodriguez — Realtor® in Denver

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Boostagent was built on the premise of empowering real estate agents by providing them with the knowledge and tools necessary for success.

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